Learning Management System

Make your visitor's arrival through digitized system. Make the process of visitors check In-Out & materials In-Out from messy paper work to an organized digital framework.

EMS Modules

Visitor's Pass


Work Permit Pass

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Returnable/ Non returnable Material Entry


Company Visitor & Material Management System is an extremely intuitive software, requiring little or no training. Large on-screen buttons and a customizable layout makes it easy to design a Company Visitor & Material Management System  interface to suit employees of all skill levels. Once Company Visitor & Material Management System is up and running, a guest can be securely processed in just few clicks and seconds!


This software facilitates built-in recording capabilities & allowing users to compile and export visitor reports. These reports can be filtered by time, guest type, area visited and more.  Many of the text fields and on-screen buttons in Company Visitor & Material Management System  can be customized to suit your site, while the expiring badges can be designed to feature your organization’s logo.


Options like editing the text fields to better suit visitor areas in your facilities and changing visitor types make it easy to tailor Company Visitor & Material Management System to your unique needs.  No unauthorized visits are allowed once the Appointment Management system is in place. As soon as visitors checks in, employees get notified that they have arrived.  Managers can approve or disapprove appointments once the visitor enters the details. 

How it works 


 Centralized Control System 

Visitor logs can be centrally tracked through its dashboard panel provided to the concerned authorized security officer for better analysis.

Supply of returnable/ non returnable Materials can be controlled, tracked and analyzed centrally through its dedicated panel in the dashboard.  

From creating appointments to checking out visitors at the end of the meeting, the complete process is automated

Dashboard may be used online to schedule an appointment and invite the visitor.


  • Generate Visitors, Trainees, Workers, Contractors, Gate Pass 

  • Secured , Simple, Easy to operate, affordable, most Effective and Efficient way of Managing / Monitoring of VISITORS

  • Easy to use and learning operation by Security Person

  • Client / Server Architecture and Based Reporting on Head office

  • Appointment Scheduling and reporting

  • Compatible with Vista, Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10

  • Multi user facility

  • User customizable Visitor Pass format

  • Visitor Pre-registration

  • Capture Visitor Photo from Web cam

  • Export reports to various formats. Excel, PDF, etc


Generate Reports

  • Visitor Visited List

  • Trainee Visited List

  • Contractor Visited List

  • Worker Visited List

  • Number of visitor on premises

  • Number of visitor visited report with date wise, week wise, month wise, year wise

  • Number of visitor visited to department wise

  • Number of visitor visited to employee wise

  • One click Current Status of Visitor