About Us

Incepted in July 2018, AGMA Techno Solutions is a leading service provider of Emerging & Web Technologies and distributor of Industrial Products. We are a diverse team of experienced & skilled professionals having a vision to transform an idea into a functional & meaningful business solution. We are rapidly emerging as a key player in the market by providing our best-in-class services to esteemed Government & Private Organisations.

Emerging & Web Technologies

AGMA’s Research & Development team is dedicatedly working in those technologies which are still largely unrealized and figuratively emerging into prominence from a background of obscurity. Our specialized areas are mainly in Artificial Intelligence, U.A.V Survey & Mapping, 3-D printing & Web based IT Solutions. 

Industrial Products 

We provide EPC solutions in electrical products to Industries & other utilities. We deal in wide range of products such as LED Luminaries, LED Display Screen, latest & safest Distribution board, Protection device, Industrial Plug, Cable & Connector and Test & Measuring Equipment. 



We believe in creating possibilities and delivering infallible result. In the coming years, we will establish a R&D Unit which will provide a platform to graduates & research scholars from different parts of India to contribute in the domain of Emerging Technologies. Also, we will expand our range of Products & Services in IT & Electrical sectors so as to emerge as an Impactful & Powerful Company in the Country.


Superior Customer Experience:


  • Understanding customer's requirements.

  • Help customers achieve their desired outcome. 

  • Provide after-sale Support & Services.

Long-Term Relationships:

  • Clients: Adding values and fulfill commitments.

  • Partners: Fair, transparent & consistent with personal respect and consideration.

  • Employees: Develop leadership skills, Foster creativity & Provide Diverse Training Opportunities.


Sustainable Growth:

We add a practical sustainability action plan to overcome the barriers and aid in seizing the opportunities associated with creating a sustainable business; period on period

"Trust is like the air we breathe ; when it’s present, nobody really notices. When it’s absent, everyone notices.”  — Warren Buffett




We are committed to providing you with accurate, consistent and clear information to help you achieve the goal. Our team is also committed to work honestly & consistently in the project in order to maintain a long-term-relationship with our esteemed clients.


We believe in providing high quality standards across the board and also committed to deliver the value it promises.



We know that trust is built on follow-through. We are committed to provide proper assistance after the delivery of our products & services.



We are committed to protect of rights of employees & maintain all  the safety measures required in the project.



Challenging predetermined conceptions to generate Innovative ideas and solutions.




We stand by our commitments and execute tasks legally and ethically. 



We promote & take initiatives to demonstrate ownership and passion for growth. We always want to associate with those companies that willing to use innovation & creativity to identify and convert opportunities into economic development.



We make collaborative efforts to achieve the goal . We provide a healthy environment that fosters friendship and loyalty. 

Meet Us


Amit Singh

M-Tech, Computer Science

Head of Emerging Technologies & Electrical Products


Jalaj Jain
(Co- founder)

M-Tech, Computer Science

Director- Technical 

Prashant Shrivastava
(Co- founder)


MBA- Telecom

Director Operations