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Elevate your data acquisition methodology with high-resolution aerial imagery, 3D models, and precise measurements, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Drone technology gives a huge potential for surveyors and GIS professionals. Inexpensive GPS units enable drones are capable of making spatially accurate maps. While drone mapping is a new practice, GIS Experts around the globe have already begun to incorporate this new technology of aerial imagery into their system. 

Our company has professional drone pilots and GIS professionals with a vast experience in flying drones under normal / tough conditions and delivering complete Mapping solutions such as 3D Mesh model, orthomosaic map , DTM/ DSM & 2D Maps. We take a personal approach from initial consultation to final product presentation and offer creative ideas to achieve the best of your vision. We are reliable, flexible, diverse and strives to create long-lasting client relationships. 

We serves cutting-edge solution to different organizations by providing comprehensive Mapping solutions that are customizable and easy to use. We assist organizations in U.A.Vs standards, pilot assessments, features extraction from map, Mapping softwares and Project Monitoring.


Set Up A Flight Plan

  • Plan Flight route.

  • Set up your flight in the field

  • Set parameters - Flight Direction, Side/ Front Overlap, Flight Height. 

  • Fly and collect images

  • Geotag your images

  • Create DSM, DTM, Orthophoto and 3D Mesh 

  • Extract features from orthophoto, DSM & DTM.

What We Offer

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